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Universe: the slim elegance for her.

Designed for the vast female universe, in a wide range of colours and finishes. The Fine Up models’ most capacious wallet. Ideal for the unique woman who is always elegant and wants to stand out while still enjoying the practicality of carrying the essentials for today’s busy life on her.

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174 grams

190 x 110 x 18 mm full thickness

16 cards | banknotes | documents | coin | passport |receipts

Universe is the roomiest wallet in the range and will surprise you because it stays slim (max. 18mm thick) and tidy no matter how full it is.

Designed for the woman who, more than anyone else:
• wants to have everything on her at all times (documents, receipts, lot of cards, coins and banknotes)
• is fed up with big, bulky wallets, deformed by their contents
• loves organisation and practicality, without foregoing elegance
• wants a wallet that doubles up as an elegant pochette

Our simple and classically beautiful calfskin line is dedicated to male globetrotters.

Everyday Use:
For optimum use, place the cards you use every day in the more visible outermost card holder pockets and cards you don’t use that often in the inside pockets. If you need to carry more cards on you, to ensure practical daily use you can double up on the quantity stored in the innermost pockets.
The special patented layout makes it easier for you to identify your cards at a glance and above all slide them out easily (without wrecking your nails!).

This model have a special coin compartment too, next to the cards, not overlying like traditional wallets. This feature prevents coins from making the wallet bulky and unsightly.
Nevertheless, if you want your wallet to stay light, we advise against carrying too many coins on you.