On the side you can find the costs of shipping and the countries in which you can ship.

What should I do if my country is not in the table?

Send an email to [email protected] and we will manage your requirements.

Are there other shipping charges?

No further costs are incurred for Italy and for the countries that are part of the European Union.

Extra charges and fees can be applied to countries that are not part of the European Union. These duties are applied directly by the Customs of the countries responsible for importing the products and Fine Up is unable to indicate the amount and it is in no way responsible for such costs.

What are the delivery times?

Product delivery times vary according to country of destination.

In Italy delivery is expected within 2 working days. In other countries, delivery takes place within 3-4 working days.

Deliveries are not made on Saturday/Sunday or public holidays and will be made on the next working day.

Delivery times may increase in periods of particular intensity, such as Christmas holidays. Therefore we advise you to make your order in advance.

When will my order be delivered?

Orders submitted during the office hours (Monday to Friday, from 9:30-12.30 to 14.00-18.00) will be processed within 2 days and shipped by courier to the delivery address entered in your order.

Does the order date differ from the shipment date?

The order date refers to the date on which the order was placed and confirmed on the website, whereas the delivery date refers to the date on which the goods were dispatched from our warehouse and handed over to the carrier.

Can deliveries also be made to an alternative address?

If you choose a different delivery address to your home address, for example, your place of work, we ask you to enter the full name of the company as displayed on the door buzzer, so that the courier has all the information needed for successful delivery.

How can I track the delivery status?

As soon as the order is dispatched from our warehouse, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details of the shipment.

For shipments in Italy, you will receive a mail from the courier with the tracking number to follow the shipment.

For shipments in Europe and outside Europe, the tracking number will be notified to you by mail on the next day.

What happens if the carrier does not find anyone at home at the address indicated for the delivery?

After several failed delivery attempts, your goods will be placed in stock at the courier warehouse. You will be contacted by our Customer Services and requested to provide the information necessary for the delivery. If we have not heard from you within three days after the notification, products will return to our own warehouse and the amount of your order will be refunded.

Will the carrier contact me before the delivery?

It is not usual for carriers to contact you in advance, nor can they guarantee deliveries at specific times.

Albania24.00 €
Arab Emirates U.A.E.38.00 €
Argentina32.00 €
Australia26.00 €
Bahrein38.00 €
BIH24.00 €
Brazil32.00 €
Canada24.00 €
Chile32.00 €
China31.00 €
Croatia24.40 €
Czech Republic18.30 €
Egypt38.00 €
Estonia24.40 €
Finland13.40 €
Hong Kong26.00 €
Hungary18.30 €
Iceland12.00 €
India38.00 €
Ireland13.40 €
Israel38.00 €
Japan26.00 €
Latvia24.40 €
Liechtenstein12.00 €
Lithuania24.40 €
Malaysia26.00 €
Mexico26.00 €
Morocco38.00 €
New Zealand26.00 €
Norway12.00 €
Oman38.00 €
Panama32.00 €
Poland24.40 €
Portugal13.40 €
Quatar38.00 €
Russian Federation24.00 €
Saudi Arabia38.00 €
Serbia24.00 €
Singapore26.00 €
Slovakia18.30 €
Slovenia18.30 €
Spain13.40 €
South Africa32.00 €
Sweden13.40 €
Switzerland12.00 €
Tunisia38.00 €
Turkey24.00 €
Ukraine24.00 €
United Kingdom12.20€
Uruguay32.00 €
U.S.A.24.00 €