Fine Up wallet – Satellite


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Looks like a coin holder, offers much more.

Intelligent and extremely slim, it holds coins, banknotes, 4 cards and receipts tidily. Perfectly and simply invisible in the pocket.

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36 grams

90 x 85 x 12 mm spessore a pieno senza monete

2 sim | 4 cards | banknotes | coins | receipts

Satellite is the perfect model for those who prefer compact, naturally beautiful wallets with a casual appeal. A must for people who travel a lot and need to carry a second currency and foreign SIM cards. It’s also an ideal men’s or women’s spare wallet and a perfect gift for teenagers.

For the man who:
• wants to have everything on him (including coins), but doesn’t carry a large number of cards
• keeps his wallet in his pockets and wants an item whose weight is not noticeable and whose form doesn’t show in clothing
• carries a credit-card sized ID / driving licence

For the woman who:
• wants to have everything on her (including coins), but doesn’t carry a large number of cards
• wants to have a second wallet to carry comfortably on more informal occasions (travel, free time, sport) or to carry in a small bag (events)
• carries a credit-card sized ID / driving licence

Everyday Use:
The original coin compartment with diagonal zipper offers compact size and minimal thickness, even when full. This design makes coins lie along the surface of the wallet without bulking it out. Nevertheless, if you want your wallet to stay light, we advise against carrying too many coins on you.
The flat, ergonomic zipper slide won’t irritate in your pockets and won’t damage fabrics.
Thickness is guaranteed even if you add 2 extra cards.