PURSE rediscover the beautiful of the small purse PURSE rediscover the beautiful of the small purse

Fine Up wallet – Purse


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Discover the charm of the little coin holder.

Got loose coins that disappear right when you need them? Now they all fit in a small, stylish, hide square, with its unmistakeably elegant diagonal zipper, unexpected size, softness and fantastic colours. A perfect match for Genesis and Micro.

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12 grams

87 x 87 x 3 mm thickness without coins


A soft square of leather that adapts perfectly to its coin content: slim when the coins are few, bulkier when the coins are many. The absence of a rigid structure makes it suitable for every pocket. Luxurious genuine leather ensures durability and becomes softer the more it is used.

For the woman who:
• wants to also carry coins, but separately from his cards and banknotes, to divide up the bulk
• loves soft, subtle accessories, to be carried without irritation
• wants to be free to carry coins only if required

Per la donna che:
• has chosen a small, minimal wallet and wants to pair it with an elegant coin holder
• doesn’t want to find loose coins in her partner’s pockets!

Everyday Use:
Use a Purse coin holder with the Genesis and Micro wallets models to take your coins with you, while keeping the volumes separate.