Fine Up wallet – Micro


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The smallest wallet in the collection.

No less capacious because of its size. Just 10 mm thick. Special spaces for banknotes, 4 cards and receipts. Comes in a vast range of both classic and unusual, original colours and finishes. It’s the first wallet inspired by each one of us. Matching Purse coin holder.

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66 grams

90 x 70 x 10 mm full thickness

4 cards | banknotes | receipts

The simplest and smallest wallet of all, for those who don’t own a large number of cards, don’t carry coins with them and have credit-card sized I.D. and driving licences. A perfect gift for teenagers.

For the man who:
• wants a slim, light, compact wallet that doesn’t show in clothing and is suitable for every occasion, formal (work, occasions and events) and informal (free time, sport)
• needs a second wallet for cards and extra banknotes

For the woman who:
• wants to have a second slim, elegant, compact wallet, to use on occasions when she carries her wallet in her pocket (travel, free time, sport)
• wants to have a second wallet to use on more formal occasions, when she needs to put it in elegant micro bags (events, occasions)

Everyday Use:
Thickness is guaranteed even if you add 2 extra cards.