Fine Up wallet – Genesis


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The origin of Fine Up wallets

Be amazed! Just 12 mm of elegant thickness and everything you need is at your fingertips: banknotes, up to 10 cards, all visible, documents, ID card, driving licence and space for receipts. Matching Purse coin holder.

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66 grams

120 x 100 x 12 mm full thickness

10 carte | banknotes | documents | receipts

An evergreen classic and the roomiest for everyday use. We are talking about Genesis. The first-born of the Fine Up range. The Genesis of our project and of our patent.

For the man who:
• carries a paper ID card / driving licence
• keeps his wallet in his back trouser or jacket pockets
• travels a lot, maybe for work, and needs space for business cards, several bank cards and receipts
• has often had problems with cards snapping in traditional wallets
• wants a slim, light item whose weight is not noticeable
• doesn’t carry coins

Everyday Use:
For optimum use, place the cards you use every day in the more visible outermost card holder pockets. That way, they are always within easy reach. Place cards you don’t use as often in the inner pockets, requiring complete wallet opening.
Paper ID cards and driving licences go in the central pocket, along with receipts. Remove their plastic covers – the leather offers excellent protection and will keep them in perfect condition in the long run.
If you need to carry more cards on you, to ensure practical daily use you can double up on the quantity stored in the innermost pockets.